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Welcome to the World of Al Gord


“Art and music – part gift, part magic - together they have the power to inspire, to enrich, to transform and to heal.” ~ Al Gord

For me, art is more than just a visual experience. It should be an entire sensory journey, one that gives you pause for thought, moves you, and ultimately allows you to make a lasting connection with the work being viewed. As an Industrial Renegade Pop Mixologist, I combine a variety of techniques and styles in my art. There are elements of abstract, portraiture, pop art, street art, graffiti, expressionism, and mixed media in my work. It is through a balance of these techniques that I portray the rawness and energy of my subjects, juxtaposed with a sense of harmony and calm.


Music in general and rock music specifically has played a role in my life from a young age. My art celebrates not only musical legends, but also the story behind their music. The impetus for a song, the personal story of the musician, and the impact of the music all play major roles in creating a musical legacy. It is through my art that I look to capture significant moments, as well as the backstory of the icon.


As you peruse my site, I ask you to consider that rock and roll is more than just music. While some might suggest that it is a way of life or a persona, I would suggest that is an attitude that encompasses a certain mindset, energy, and swagger. That is why my gallery also encompasses other iconic figures, and not just rock musicians. Be it other musicians, actors or historical figures, all of my subjects convey a larger than life “badassness”; legends who have that rock star vibe.


I hope that you join me on the journey into my world of rock and roll inspired art. I welcome all of you and thank you for taking the time to visit my art site.  

Cheers and enjoy!


Al Gord

Billy Joel
Joey Ramone
Steven Tyler
"Rock and roll is like a painting.
Can great paintings still be done?
It depends on who holds the brush."

~ Patti Smith
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