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Artist Creating

Al Gord is a self-taught artist who uses acrylics as his chosen medium. He found his way back to painting after a lengthy hiatus from art. His work developed as a natural progression from experimenting with different styles, subject matter and techniques. He has always loved rock music, from the classic sounds of the late 1960s to the current sounds of today. Combining his passion for painting with his affinity for rock music – the songs, the people, the energy, and the stories - has been his inspiration in creating his works of art.

He has been a featured artist in Niji Magazine, New York Glamour and the G  Spot and he has exhibited his work in shows in Canada, the United States, Australia, Scotland, England, and Italy. His style is best described as Industrial Renegade Pop Mixology, with a focus on Rock Music Icons inspired by song lyrics. His technique and style is unmistakable. He draws the viewer into the piece using various contrasting elements which are seamlessly blended together to create a sense of balance in his work, while giving his work an almost three-dimensional quality. Inspired by the music of the artist he paints, Al listens to the singer or group throughout the entire painting process to help inspire his work.

Through his use of varying colours and techniques, Al creates a distinct and fragmented background. He works to create a sense of balance and harmony, as his dynamic compositions draw the viewer into a focal point, but do not allow the eyes to get stuck in one place. The background creates a sense of movement and rhythm, and perhaps even visual depictions of sound and emotion.

For the main subject of each piece, Al uses a lot of black to depict the outlines and shadows in each portrait, which gives his work an almost street art stencil effect, but it is not overdone. The colours in the works are carefully chosen to help elicit certain feelings and emotions; to let the viewer create their own narrative. Al works to create a sense of balance and harmony, while eliciting the strong energy and raw emotion he conveys in his chosen subject matter.


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